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We offer a family of lightning blade receptors as part of a complete range of superior lightning protection products for the wind energy industry. The receptors are available as a stand-alone component or part of a complete preconfigured blade protection assembly. Blade receptor assemblies offer replaceable disks and provide superior insulation of internal components to inhibit undesired leader initiation. The patent pending features of the receptor assembly provide a smoothing of electric fields which eliminates the potential streamer initiation point. The installation of the system offers a unique and innovative solution to a problem that is common to the wind turbine industry.

Side Receptor Plug

A fully encapsulated connection from the conductor to the side receptor disk utilizing an engineered thermoplastic material. Offers excellent dielectric strength and a simple mounting method.

Tip Receptor Mount

A fully encapsulated connection from the down conductor to the tip receptor. Offers a standard, insulated connection with excellent dielectric strength for a removable tip receptor.

Side Receptor Socket

Mounting base for the side repceptor plug that is built into the blade wall during the manufacturing process. The socket provides a consistent, engineered hole in the blade for the receptor disk.

Side Receptor Disk

A field replaceable lightning attachment receptor that is resistant to environmental effects.

Side Receptor Installation Tool

Specially designed tool that makes installing the side receptor plug on the opposite side of the blade simple and efficient.

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