Material: Copper-Bonded Steel

Tensile Strength: 552 MPa Min

Part NumberGround Rod Diameter, NominalGround Rod Diameter, ActualØLengthLPlating ThicknessUnit WeightUPC LabelComplies WithCertifications
6138403/8"9.0 mm1.2 m254 µm0.570 kgNo
6138503/8"9.0 mm1.5 m254 µm0.730 kgNo
6138603/8"9.0 mm1.8 m254 µm0.900 kgNo
6138803/8"9.0 mm2.4 m254 µm1.230 kgNo
6113301/2"12.7 mm0.9 m254 µm0.980 kgNo
61133301/2"12.7 mm1.0 m254 µm1.003 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2
6113401/2"12.7 mm1.2 m254 µm1.260 kgNo
6113501/2"12.7 mm1.5 m254 µm1.570 kgNo
6113531/2"12.7 mm1.5 m330 µm1.670 kgNo
6113601/2"12.7 mm1.8 m254 µm2.010 kgNo
6113701/2"12.7 mm2.1 m254 µm2.108 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2
6113801/2"12.7 mm2.4 m254 µm2.510 kgNoANSI®/NEMA® GR1UL
6113001/2"12.7 mm3.0 m254 µm3.110 kgNoANSI®/NEMA® GR1CSA, cULus
6113031/2"12.7 mm3.0 m330 µm3.350 kgNoANSI®/NEMA® GR1cULus
6158305/8"14.2 mm0.9 m254 µm1.130 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2
61583305/8"14.2 mm1.0 m254 µm1.237 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2
6158405/8"14.2 mm1.2 m254 µm1.540 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2
6158435/8"14.2 mm1.2 m330 µm1.540 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2
6158505/8"14.2 mm1.5 m254 µm1.920 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2
6158535/8"14.2 mm1.5 m330 µm2.040 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2
6158605/8"14.2 mm1.8 m254 µm2.300 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2
6158635/8"14.2 mm1.8 m330 µm2.450 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2
61586605/8"14.2 mm2.0 m254 µm2.477 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2
6158805/8"14.2 mm2.4 m254 µm3.070 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1UL
6158835/8"14.2 mm2.4 m330 µm3.080 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1UL
6158005/8"14.2 mm3.0 m254 µm3.850 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1CSA, cULus
6158035/8"14.2 mm3.0 m330 µm3.830 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1cULus
6158125/8"14.2 mm3.7 m254 µm4.540 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1cULus
6158155/8"14.2 mm4.6 m254 µm5.780 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1cULus
6159505/8"16.0 mm1.5 m254 µm2.350 kgNo
6159805/8"16.0 mm2.4 m254 µm3.870 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1UL
6159005/8"16.0 mm3.0 m254 µm4.760 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1cULus
6134403/4"17.3 mm1.2 m254 µm2.550 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2
6134503/4"17.3 mm1.5 m254 µm2.810 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2
6134603/4"17.3 mm1.8 m254 µm3.400 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2
6134703/4"17.3 mm2.1 m254 µm3.835 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2
6134803/4"17.3 mm2.4 m254 µm4.560 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1UL
6134833/4"17.3 mm2.4 m330 µm4.540 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1UL
6134003/4"17.3 mm3.0 m254 µm5.720 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1CSA, cULus
6134033/4"17.3 mm3.0 m330 µm5.630 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1cULus
6134123/4"17.3 mm3.7 m254 µm6.770 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1cULus
6134153/4"17.3 mm4.6 m254 µm8.390 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1cULus
6934003/4"19.1 mm3.0 m254 µm5.600 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1cULus
6934503/4"19.1 mm1.5 m254 µm2.800 kgNo
6934803/4"19.1 mm2.4 m254 µm4.560 kgNoIEC® EN 62561-2,ANSI®/NEMA® GR1UL
6144001"23.2 mm3.0 m254 µm10.000 kgNoANSI®/NEMA® GR1CSA, cULus

For rods to be listed to UL® 467, they must be at least 8' (2.43 m) in length.

IEC® EN 62561-2 supercedes EN 50164-2.

Additional lengths available.

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