ERICO lightning protection systems are designed to meet the current IEC®, NFPA® or a proprietary design method. ERICO offers innovative systems ideal for use with the three styles of tower design:

  • Tubular steel towers

  • Precast concrete towers

  • Lattice towers


Designed and manufactured to meet specific criteria for effective and reliable conduction, lightning conductors should have:

  • Low inductance per unit length and low surge impedance

  • Current-carrying capability to withstand, without degradation, the thermal and mechanical effects of lightning

  • Resistance to environmental effects and mechanical fatigue

Conductors offered include:

  • Aluminum, copper and stainless steel

  • Insulated and non-insulated

  • Solid and woven conductors in both flat and rounded configurations


Blade lightning protection connections may range from a ERICO CADWELD welded connection to a mechanically bolted connection. Considerations include:
  • Lightning protection conductor material
  • Resistance to vibration and corrosion
  • Material impedance
  • National/international standard requirements
  • Costs and benefits

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